DC214 - Dallas, TX
There are currently people on the mailing list. Here are just a few of our members (in no real order).

  • MadHat Unspecific - C2ISSP
  • Intropy - C2ISSP
    King of All Demonstrations
  • I)ruid - C2ISSP
    It's not easy being green
  • Rev. wRy
    stop 'n' drink, sit 'n' sip, rest 'n' pieces
  • elequin
    mac fanboy, running to Germany
  • Simple Nomad - NMRC, C2ISSP
    Media whore. Hears voices in head, "channels" code and exploits.
  • Weasel - NMRC
  • replicant
    It's all about the poo
  • Woody - C2ISSP
    those who can, do
    those who can't, work for google
  • Guile
    A/V bitch
  • snowball
    if all else fails, use a brick
  • disoray
    THELUG man
  • cookie
    n00b who needs to learn to google, bitch
  • Rusty
  • ch3f
  • ginaphobe
    Our friendly but awkward neighbor from Oklahoma
  • Technocrat
    "It's a Lovely Day for a Guinness"
  • the Professor
  • isac - C2ISSP
    BLG: gophermash.blogspot.com
  • z3r0sn3Ak3r - CISSP